Steve Nash, Great Player/Person

If you are asking me who is one of the top point guards to ever play the game I’m always going to bring the name Steve Nash into the mix.


Steve Nash is a 2x time MVP, an 8x All-STAR, Nash could shoot the ball off the dribble, he could catch and shoot, hit any crazy layup you needed him too, and he was definitely hitting that free throw on the and 1. Even though he was a great scorer he was an even better passer, getting some of the craziest assist I have ever seen any point guard get. Being such a good passer he was named the NBA Assists Leader 5x.

Not only was Steve Nash a amazing player on the court he was a better person and role model off the Court. I started looking up to Steve Nash the moment I saw him play the game. I loved everything about his game, but after learning more about him I starting looking up to him as an impression seeing how hard he worked and what good he does for others. I believe more athletes should strive to have the repatriation of Steve Nash, and try to set the example for kids that Steve Nash did for me and some of my friends. nash-cares


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