Call of Duty should Stick to its Roots!

Yep, this is going to be another video game post. But this one is about about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered and how it and MW2 are by far (in my opinion) the best Call of Duty’s ever created and why I Believe we’ll be seeing a MW2 Remastered very soon.

I was one of those people that played COD: Modern Warfare/MW2 for Ps3 absolutely loving ever minute of them. I spent so much of my time playing that game when I was in middle school, nothing compared to their PvP,  FPS playing style.

So when I heard they were remaking the first Modern Warfare damn straight I was getting a copy. The COD series had gotten so out of wack over the years that I just stopped playing them. They went from four good PvP games in a row, to crazy fighting styles and futurist moves that I didn’t find them near as fun as MW and MW2.

But the remastered COD has not let me down yet, I’m back playing online with friends I played the game with nearly 10 years ago, and its just as fun now as it was then. My only beef with the online play is that they haven’t brought creek back, which is my all time favorite map.


With the great success Modern Warfare has seen over the past few months I can easy see MW2 be remastered in the next year or two!




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