This post is about Chance the Rapper, and how if you haven’t listened to him yet, go to youtube right now and listen to some of his music.

Chance the Rapper 

Chance is a fairly new rapper thats really only been around the past 3-4 years. But already he is blowing the rap industry up winning 3 Grammys this year, including best rap album… Beating Jay-Z and Kanye.

Acid Rap


His new album coloring books is a little different from his previous works, easing off of the drug side of his life and more to the religious side since he has had a daughter. But its still freaking amazing and is the album that won “best rap album”.

Coloring Books 

Another thing I really like and find amazing about chance is all the money he turns down so he can be independent and produce his own music. But not only that, but he gives a lot back to his hometown of Chicago.

So if you have checked Chance the Rapper out yet, do it!!


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