Spring Break!…

Well it’s spring break here on campus!


A lot of people I know are at a nice warm beach partying pretty hard, but then there’s me stuck at home working most days and trying to figure something out on these cold days to do that might be fun.

So what I have found myself doing these last few days is just playing games to past the time, I borrowed Final Fantasy VX from my brother and am loving it. I’m a big fan of the Final Fantasy’s and some far would suggest this one to anyone interested.

Another thing I have find myself doing and something you could do too is just sit down and watch some sports, March Madness is starting and theres no better time of the year for basketball!

March Madness

But this is about all I’ve been able to so other than work because it’s so cold outside. If you have any good suggestions on things to do let me know! thanks!


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