The Weather Outside isn’t too Frightful

It has been in the mid 70s low 80s and sunny these last couple days and I’m just happy about it and would like to talk about how great it is outside and tell you of a few great activities that I enjoy doing when it’s a nice sunny warm day like these last few days have been.


My favorite things to do on a beautiful day is getting out and playing sports. I enjoy playing basketball the most of any sport there is, but also enjoy running and playing football with friends a lot too. But really most sports are good are a beautiful day, I even enjoy golfing, soccer, and a number of other outdoor sports.


Another thing that I find enjoyable and like doing on a sunny day is catching some UV rays by a pool, lake, or just outside in general. I like being tan and my skin type is more made to tan than some peoples, so I understand why this ins’t the best option for you.

That just some things I enjoy doing. If you have any cool idea feel free and leave a comment!


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