NBA Playoffs

Finally that time of the year again where the NBA is actually fun to watch.

It’s not that I don’t like the NBA or anything like that, I do, and I love basketball! But I’m not a fan of watching the NBA during the regular season just because i don’t feel that they go hard and really care all the much.


I know they have a tons of games to play and they don’t want to get hurt, but come on this is what you are making millions of dollars for.


But now that it’s the playoffs they all take it as serious as could be and I really enjoy watching. That’s when NBA is fun and exciting, they are all out there trying to win a title they have wanted since they were kids and you can tell they are going 100%. Which isn’t something you see from every player every time. Even though yes, there are plenty that go their hardest everyday.



The Weather Outside isn’t too Frightful

It has been in the mid 70s low 80s and sunny these last couple days and I’m just happy about it and would like to talk about how great it is outside and tell you of a few great activities that I enjoy doing when it’s a nice sunny warm day like these last few days have been.


My favorite things to do on a beautiful day is getting out and playing sports. I enjoy playing basketball the most of any sport there is, but also enjoy running and playing football with friends a lot too. But really most sports are good are a beautiful day, I even enjoy golfing, soccer, and a number of other outdoor sports.


Another thing that I find enjoyable and like doing on a sunny day is catching some UV rays by a pool, lake, or just outside in general. I like being tan and my skin type is more made to tan than some peoples, so I understand why this ins’t the best option for you.

That just some things I enjoy doing. If you have any cool idea feel free and leave a comment!

Spring Break!…

Well it’s spring break here on campus!


A lot of people I know are at a nice warm beach partying pretty hard, but then there’s me stuck at home working most days and trying to figure something out on these cold days to do that might be fun.

So what I have found myself doing these last few days is just playing games to past the time, I borrowed Final Fantasy VX from my brother and am loving it. I’m a big fan of the Final Fantasy’s and some far would suggest this one to anyone interested.

Another thing I have find myself doing and something you could do too is just sit down and watch some sports, March Madness is starting and theres no better time of the year for basketball!

March Madness

But this is about all I’ve been able to so other than work because it’s so cold outside. If you have any good suggestions on things to do let me know! thanks!

Basketball, why do the rules vary

This post is going to be about my favorite sport of all time, Basketball! But what I’ll be talking about in this post is how the sport varies, from league to league, and within genders.



In mens basketball the ball is 29.5 oz and the women’s basketball is 28.5. In High school basketball the court is 84 feet by 50 feet and in college/pros they are 94 feet by 50 feet. I don’t understand why though, you don’t see the fields in football getting bigger and the levels increase.

The rules vary a lot in the sport too, some rules are the same in women’s college basketball that are in men’s professional but not college. A lot of rules are different when it comes to men’s college and below basketball compared to professional as well. When it comes to international basketball its a whole different story.

I just wish they would make the rules the same throughout the game.


Steve Nash, Great Player/Person

If you are asking me who is one of the top point guards to ever play the game I’m always going to bring the name Steve Nash into the mix.


Steve Nash is a 2x time MVP, an 8x All-STAR, Nash could shoot the ball off the dribble, he could catch and shoot, hit any crazy layup you needed him too, and he was definitely hitting that free throw on the and 1. Even though he was a great scorer he was an even better passer, getting some of the craziest assist I have ever seen any point guard get. Being such a good passer he was named the NBA Assists Leader 5x.

Not only was Steve Nash a amazing player on the court he was a better person and role model off the Court. I started looking up to Steve Nash the moment I saw him play the game. I loved everything about his game, but after learning more about him I starting looking up to him as an impression seeing how hard he worked and what good he does for others. I believe more athletes should strive to have the repatriation of Steve Nash, and try to set the example for kids that Steve Nash did for me and some of my friends. nash-cares