Writing is hard.

So I have been doing these blogs all semester and what I’ve come to find out is that it really is hard to come up with something you’re interested in blogging about each week without putting a good amount of thought into it.


The first few blogs are easy, I have stuff I have cared about for my whole life, like sports, and video games, and can write and couple different blogs for each of them because I also have something to say about them that I want people to hear.


But as the weeks have gone on and I’ve wrote about more and more things I’ve come to realize that I don’t know as much as I thought. For those people writing books about knowledge they have, more power to you, keep it up. I wish I could even fill half a book with stuff I know compared to what I’d like to know.

So I’ve come to realize I need to get out there and expand my hobbies/adventuress and actually have something worth writing about and people would want to read.